Are YOU ready for Digital Technologies next year?

It is that time of year: reports, Christmas concerts, and preparing curriculum for next year. You have probably thought about English and Maths and Science and HASS, but have you thought about digital technologies? Just like all other subjects, Digital Technologies should be planned for in order for the students to achieve success. It certainly should not be left to chance, or assumed that children know how to use technology simply because they know how to access games!

I start every year with a basic introduction to technology. How long this unit lasts depends on the year level and the children’s prior exposure to technology. A Prep student is going to need a much longer introduction to basic iPad use for example than a Year 6, but a Year 5 may need a longer introduction if it is their first year in a 1:1 program.

Using Year 2 as an example, I have planned a unit to last approximately eight weeks, leaving room for additional lessons if necessary. I also start with the basic skills the children need to access the programs and apps that they will be using, some trouble shooting skills, and of course basic cyber safety. This is also a wonderful time to establish the rules and expectations around technology use in the classroom. My staple is that all iPad screens need to be blank before I start speaking.

I have made my example Introduction to Digital Technologies plan for Year 2 available on Teachers Pay Teachers below (just click the image). Feel free to use it as is, or to modify it to suit your year level or individual school needs. Let it be your head start into preparing for 2018 tech success!


Rebecca Davies

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