Toontastic and Revisiting Old Friends

After spending time in the middle years, I had not used Toontastic in a while. Coming back to it has been such a treat! While it definitely can be used in the middle years, I find that I have the most success with it in the early years. It allows students to show their understanding of story telling, even if they don’t yet have the ability to show that through their writing.

At the moment I am using Toontastic in my reading groups for students to show all kinds of learning objectives! They can show their understanding of adjectives and adverbs by adding more description to their dialogue. They can show that the understand how a story has a beginning, a problem, a solution, and a conclusion. They can show that they can create detailed characters, and so much more!

This experience has really reminded me that it is important to have another look at some of those tools that I used to use but were pushed aside as I changed year levels, or new tools came along. Sometimes, though, the older tools are still amazing and can help achieve some incredible learning in the classroom.

What ‘older’ tools have you used that still achieve amazing things in your classroom?

Rebecca Davies

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