Bye Evernote, I am moving to OneNote

I never thought that this day would come. I have been a staunch supporter of Evernote since it began. It was a wonderful program that solved my need for electronic organisation of my work and home life. When people offered OneNote as an alternative, I was the first to dismiss them. Yet, now, as Evermore becomes increasingly more expensive and cuts down features even for paid accounts, I needed an alternative.

I went back to OneNote, a program I have not used in a couple of years, and found an entirely new product. The clunkiness and bloated features were gone. They had been replaced with a sleek and very user friendly program that fit my needs exactly.

The one feature that I absolutely adore is the ability to organise my page however I like, just like on paper. I can bring in my excel document with my students reading levels, connect it with my notes on their reading, and place the reading levels and report grades comparison image right next to it. On Evernote, these elements would all have to go down the page, rather than next to each other.

On top of that, OneNote has all of the features I loved in Evernote: I can add tags, search all of my notes, and organise my notes into notebooks and sections.  Can even colour code my notes in OneNote, which makes finding things lot easier.

I have only been using One Note for a week, so it will be interesting to see if I come across any limitations with it as my use continues. I have not moved my most important data over from Evernote yet, but think I deifnitely will be in the come weeks. I simply can’t justify paying an increasing amount of money for features available for free elsewhere! Especially when OneNote is becoming a more superior product for my teaching and reporting needs.

Rebecca Davies


  1. Amazed at how quickly freeloaders jump ship on a great product when changes need to be made. Evernote is still the best at what it does, and the same people will jump ship when OneNote makes a similar change. Loyalty is what keeps a great product going,

    • That is exactly the problem – Evernote is charging a premium for a second rate product. OneNote is providing a much better product for free. The choice is obvious. If Evernote want paying customers, then they need to give us a reason to pay by providing a superior product.

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