ICTEV 2013 Reflection

On Saturday I went to the annual ICTEV state conference 2013 for the third time. It was also my third time presenting. This time, however, was different because I knew far more people. It was fantastic getting to catch up with the people in my PLN and meeting others who I had never met in person before. It was quite a strange experience having people come up to me to say hello because they follow me on Twitter, but also an awesome one.

As always, it was a fantastic conference, and I learnt a lot of things. The sessions I went ranged from social media to Minecraft to apps for students with autism. The stand out session for me was Bec Spink’s session on using Twitter in the classroom. On Monday I started to use my class Twitter account a lot more and it is already having amazing results. The Greens senator Adam Bandt tweeted my class about our book drive, and we received a congratulations from the charity ‘Save the Children’. Because of Twitter, photographers from two local newspapers are coming tomorrow to raise awareness of the students’ campaign.

My class's new Twitter wall

My class’s new Twitter wall

I have also begun work on a rich task in numeracy using Minecraft because of Kynan Robinson and Kristen Swenson’s session – I am sure that will be just as well received as Twitter has been. I have had two students help me create it, to make sure that it is achievable in the game. Writing assessments with students is definitely something I would do again.

Overall, it was an excellent day of learning, just as it always is. The venue, Melbourne Grammar School, is an excellent place to hold it, as its enclosed courtyard really allows people to connect. If VITTA is even half as good in August, I will be very happy.

Rebecca Davies

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