Pros and Cons of Edmodo

When I first heard of Edmodo it sounded amazing! Always touted as ‘the Facebook for kids’ it had me intrigued as a way to keep my students in touch and allow them to keep collaborating beyond the classroom. After implementing it for the first time this year, I have been left with mixed feelings. I think part of it is caused my being in a 1:1 iPad classroom, which makes some tasks more difficult to achieve than they would be using a laptop. Still, there are many advantages to using Edmodo as well, even on the iPad.



  • It is a brilliant way to stay connected with your class, and for them to stay connected with each other.
  • It is very easy to give students feedback on their work – no matter what they upload, you can leave a comment attached to it.
  • It is a fantastic way to teach social media – its amazing how many students claim to be fantastic at social media and yet have difficulty posting relevant topics and commenting in a constructive way. Edmodo is a safe space for them to learn.
  • It allows you to connect just with a specific group in your classroom, so not everyone has to read the resources you found for that particular small group.


  • It is difficult for students to upload work from their iPads – it is a multi-step process, and something always seems to go wrong. It would be great if it was a lot smoother transition.
  • Again, with iPads, sometimes students just cannot log in, even though all their details are correct (and they can get on using a laptop).

The positives of Edmodo clearly outweigh the negatives, but, unfortunately for my class, these particular negatives mean it is incredibly hard to use consistently in our 1:1 iPad classroom. With a smoother iOS experience, it would definitely be my social media tool of choice in the classroom. Until then, I will continue to use for student-to-student collaboration and email or Dropbox for assignment submission.

Rebecca Davies


  1. thanks for sharing your classroom experience with Edmodo. I have known about Edmodo for while and did not see how it would work in primary school context, however after a discussion recently with a colleague, i have been convinced otherwise. I would like to reiterate your point about a safe space for social media education and experiences.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Tom,
      Thanks for commenting. I think Edmodo would work with older primary children. I use it with year 7s at the moment, and could definitely see myself using it with years 5 and 6. The biggest issue is making sure they remember their usernames and passwords! I would have them written down in several places, so if they forget they can immediately look it up.


    • It really depends on what kind of forum you want to create. If you are talking about a text-based discussion board, then Edmodo or Schoology could be used. If you are talking about an online video ‘forum’ where students are speaking to each other, then Skype or Google Hangouts is probably a better option.

      – Rebecca

  2. I should lime to recieve all the information you can sent me since it is new in our school in Mexicali Baja California. Thank you for all the information I have read it has been very helpful. Patricia Montaño Rnglish teacher for Fourth Grade and Académico help for apreciar students.

    • Hi Liz,
      If students already have Edmodo accounts, then you could create a group for the library that students could join.


  3. Very helpful post! I must admit however, that I did not have a similar experience with iPads. Even when I posted an assignment in Word, the students were still able to see it through the iPad’s word processor. Then the students just completed the assignment/task on the compatible program such as Pages.

    • Hi Dave,
      I wrote this post a year ago, so it is very possible there have been updates to the app that have fixed the issue. It is great if they have fixed it, as it was a tad frustrating. Unfortunately I am not using Edmodo this year, as my current school has purchased an LMS instead.

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    I’ve been using Edmodo for Primary 1-P6 in Bangkok and it works fine. My kids love it as it looks like Facebook for them. They can collaborate and work each other following my lead. However I set the email and password for kids using gmail.


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