6 Studies Showing iPads Improve Learning

Teachers who are fighting for stronger tech integration in their schools often come against opposition from people who believe technology not have a positive effect on student learning. This is particularly true with iPads, devices that many people see as a device for content consumption, not creation. Below is a list of studies into iPads and learning, with dot points about what students the study relates to, the subjects involved and the results.

Mobile Learning Game Improves 5th Graders’ Fractions Knowledge and Attitudes – Prof. Michelle Riconscente (University of Southern California)

  • This study involved primary students playing the iPad app ‘Motion Math’ for twenty minutes a day, for five days.
  • It found that the students’ who played the game had a 15% increase in test scores compared to the control group.
  • It also found student’s self-efficacy and attitudes towards fractions increased an average of 10%.

iMedEd Program – University of California

  • This program saw 104 students in the university’s medical class of 2014 being given iPads to use in their studies.
  • The class’ average exam scores were 23% higher than all previous years.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt pilot study

  • Conducted at a middle school in Riverside, California, in algebra.
  • 20% more students scored as ‘proficient’ or ‘advanced’ than those students without iPads.

Auburn School District Kindergarten Initiative

  • Half of all kindergarten classes were given iPads for students to use over a nine week period.
  • The students in the classes with the iPads scored 2.1 points higher than the control group on the Hearing and Recording Sounds in Words test.
  • More results to come.

iPad or iFad – The reality of a paperless classroom – Dr. Ian J. Shepherd & Dr. Brent Reeves (Abilene Christian University)

  • Involved university level economics students.
  • Found that the iPad increased student engagement, increased student productivity and allows collaborative learning.
  • More studies from the ACU about iPad use in universities and online learning are available here.
  • A secondary school that introduced iPads across all year levels.
  • The pilot found that 73% of students and 67% of staff felt that the iPad helped students improve the quality of their work and 69% of students said they were more motivated to learn.

 Do you know any more studies involving iPads and learning? Let me know, and I will add them to the list!

Rebecca Davies


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