Life’s a stage, so is school

At the moment my students are learning about laws and government in Australia, particularly about how they  have changed over time. It can be quite a dry topic, so I decided to extend a lesson that included drama to engage my students. I thought it might make them a little bit more interested. I was wrong – they were absolutely captivated!

They each had a different role and were completely in charge of their own learning. I only had to step in once to help our ‘Judge’, who was not sure what to do next. Other than that, they ran the show. That is my favourite kind of ‘flipped classroom’ – where the students are the ones controlling their learning. They just learn so much more.

You can see in the video below that they were also using their iPads the entire time, to research on the spot, take notes, read their case and film the proceedings. I love when iPad use is completely authentic, instead of just something teachers feel like they have to use. That’s when it really helps their learning.

The class has also written about the experience on our class blog. The students would love your comments!

It was quite amazing to watch these students, who quite often are resistant to completing their tasks, completely enraptured in what they were doing. They were researching facts about colonial laws, applying their persuasive language and using reasoning skills to try and out-think their opponents in the court case. I will definitely be using drama again with them in the future.

Rebecca Davies

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