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Setting up my classroom this year is a lot easier than it was last year, and I’m already set up and super organised! It wasn’t that easy for everyone, though, including the grads and people who are not used to having a home classroom for years 7 and 8.

I have had a couple of people ask me about different parts of my classroom setup, so I have brought together all the answers here.


I didn’t start using checklists until term 2 last year, but using them from the start has made my life so much easier. I use Google Forms so I don’t have to waste paper. Whether a students has brought in their homework/immunisation form/camp money, I can see it at a glance.


The best thing I have done this year for my organisation (other than use Google Drive) is create a file for each student in a filing cabinet. This way I can put all of their assessment in it, which is great for report writing time. Any formative assessment I am doing stays on my desk in a paper tray so I have access to it.

Wonder wall

Wonder walls are fantastic for brightening up a boring, empty room. Start your inquiry or just have students put down wonderings about their new year level. I use circles, but students could also cut up paper into hands, clouds or stars. It looks good and gives students a guide for what they want to learn.


Stationery was also something that I neglected last year. I had it, but it was not organised well. Kids would go searching through drawers and tubs in the class and my office to find the pen/highlighter/pencil they were looking for.

This year I have one tub with plastic baskets separating the erasers from the pencils from the rubber bands. Now I can just grab the thing I need and go.

Front of room/cupboards

The first thing I did in my room was make sure I had easy access to all my supplies. Last year my storeroom was atrocious – it was hard to get to the things I needed. This year I have divided my storage space into teacher supplies and student supplies. In teacher supplies I have my resources/blue-tack/class information. In student supplies I have the paper/extra pens etc.

If you are in a room that was left with disorganised and dirty, take the time to clean it. It will make life so much easier.



Rebecca Davies

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