Transition Day

Today is transition day at Seabrook Primary, but I still have my year 6s because I am changing schools next year. It is quite a strange experience. Despite looking forward to new experiences next year, and my new class, it’s strange watching new teachers come in, just as confused as I was at transition day last year.

I have already completed transition day at my new school, and its interesting to watch it from the outside. I ran transition day significantly differently this year. Last year my new class and I completed drama activities based around Shaun Tan’s book ‘The Lost Thing’ and completed a system map, showing who they were, who they wanted to be and how they were going to get there.

Shaun Tan’s ‘The Lost Thing’

This year, the students spent most of their time at specialists, as an introduction to secondary school. The time in class was spent introducing ourselves, having a class discussion about their expectations and time for them to ask me, their new teacher, questions. It’s always interesting to hear the things they want to know – everything from consequences when they’re bad to whether I like sparkly vampires (for the record, I don’t).

I will watch the new graduates learn about their classes and feel slightly nostalgic for how exciting it is to meet your very first class. I hope, though, that I never lose my graduate enthusiasm. Passionate teachers lead to passionate students, and no matter what activity is used on transition day, the teacher’s attitude will shape the whole year to come.

Rebecca Davies

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